49th Annual Conference of

Orthopaedic Surgeons Society of Andhra Pradesh

Dates: January 31st & February 1st & 2nd 2020.

Venue: The Venue Convention Centre - Vijayawada.
Organised By: Vijayawada Orthopedic Society, Vijayawada, AP.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts should be divided into the following sections:

Title, Background/ Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and conclusions.
Each section will carry marks based on the content.

The word count of abstracts should be no more than 500 words for regular presentation.

Full paper should be submitted for Gold and Silver medal paper presentations (Please select under which option you would like to present).

  • Your paper will be decided on points based on adhering to these guidelines as well as the content of the sections.
  • So submission of large text/ thesis as abstract is discouraged and may not be selected for presentation.
  • You could submit the abstract as a Word file or PDF file on the website.
  • Last date for submission of abstracts is: Closed.

Guidelines on preparation of abstracts for regular podium presentation:

Please submit your abstract as an anonymous manuscript for blinded assessment - Paper may be rejected if not anonymous

  • 1). Only one document may be uploaded per submission/ paper.
  • 2). You may submit multiple papers. Papers may be edited any number of times until the last date.
  • 3) .Papers will not be editable after the last date.
  • 4). Include all pictures/ photographs in the expected space within the manuscript for full papers.
  • 5). Maximum allowed word count for Medal papers is 3000 words and for Posters and Regular papers is 500 excluding abstract and references.
  • 6). Please avoid repetition of information in images/ tables and manuscripts and avoid too many images/ tables in the manuscript.
  • 7). Maximum file size that can be uploaded is 50MB.
  • 8). Only the following file formats are accepted for uploading .doc, .docx and .pdf
  • 9). The below guidelines may be followed for each section while preparing abstracts/ papers for submission.

Please adhere to this count for the category selected.
Sections Details to include in Sections Poster & Regular Paper abstracts
(Word count Guide only)
Gold & Silver Medal Full Papers
(Word count Guide only)
Total Word Count 500 3000
Title Should be brief and accurately describe the content of the paper. - -
Background/ Introduction State the problem identified. Provide a background of the scientific query being studied. State the hypothesis of your study clearly. 50-75 250-300
Materials and Methods Should state how the study was conducted such that it may be reproducible. Include a summary of details of subjects, materials used and methods of study and statistical evaluation. 100-150 600-750
Results Summary of the results obtained including statistical test results. 100-150 600-750
Discussion Summarise significance of your findings in relation to literature. 100-150 750-1000
Conclusions List conclusions from the study. 50-75 250-300
References Any references quoted in the text of the manuscript should be listed. References will not be included in the word count of the manuscript and do not carry any marks. They should preferably be in the style similar to the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics to make it standard for all submissions and ease of assessment by assessors of abstracts. - -
Images   Not Allowed in abstracts Allowed in full papers

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